Netview is a mapping tool that allows you to identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). By depicting the team’s relationship and mapping out their connections, you can gain an understanding of who the network seeks for advice, opinions and expertise.
Visualize relationships
Netview’s interactive network maps allow for dynamic visualization and interpretation of relevant relationships for your marketing success. Utilizing interactive maps allows you to focus on and analyze the key relationships that influence the overall network. Netview allows you to create customized network maps for specific reporting purposes.
  • Are you calling on the right target audience?
  • Are you deploying reps to the right areas?
  • Are you directing your promotional efforts/resources to the right healthcare practitioners?

Understand the sphere of influence
Netview’s analytical ability allows you to focus on the sphere of influence of certain specialty groups or individuals. Selecting or de-selecting certain people allows you to understand how much influence each team member has within the network. Individual candidate ratings, scores and responses, along with in-depth analyses are all contained within automated participant reports.
  • Select key people to conduct analyses on
  • Participant scores built into the program
  • Report generation capability

Easy to use
Netview does not require any in installation. All network maps, reports and participant responses are contained within Netview. No special software or licenses are required. Netview is designed for easy use and full training courses are provided.
  • No installation required
  • Designed for end user
  • Customized training courses

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